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It's about feeling confident in making the right decision for your people and your organization.

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As the saying goes: change is constant.

But the modern-day reality for bigwigs like you is not about getting one project after another done, it’s about getting a cluster of projects through a narrow corridor of canyons, repeatedly.  

And while you certainly want to be admired and respected for your emotional intelligence shepherding your people through the thunderous progression of now, your real currency is getting business results. It’s just that success can’t come at “any” cost because while projects end, people stay. They will “remember the Alamo” if the changes they had to adopt felt like a slog.

So how do you know when to push forward, and when to give space?

It sometimes feels like playing the game Operation atop a jackhammer.  

  • What if you knew what was happening, to whom, across your organization at any given moment?
  • What if you knew who felt overwhelmed and who was ready for the various changes?
  • What would you give to feel confident to make the right decision when it comes to delaying or moving forward with a project?
  • How much would you love to hear change management success be told to you in numbers and business outcomes?

Well, now you can.

With ChangeAnalytics you’ll have the ability to:

  • Access heatmap views of change impacts of any group in real time
  • Splice groups every way until Sunday (job title, department, region, employee type, etc.) so if you want to see the impacts to all your customer facing, full time employees in California, you can
  • See how change adoption drove overall project success

All so that you, dear leader, can:

  • Make the best-informed decisions about prioritization
  • Increase the likelihood of your business goals being reached
  • Ensure your staff are better prepared (and better rested) for the changes coming their way
  • You can be the hero that they’ve been waiting for

Want to see who else gets value out of ChangeAnalytics?

Aggregated data visualization is critical, but in order for that to happen, change leads and change managers have to do their thing.

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