ChangeAnalytics is the premiere technology platform that allows leaders and project teams to seamlessly manage change across their organization so that initiatives stick without all the overwhelm.

ChangeAnalytics is the premiere organizational change management technology platform, allowing change leaders and project management teams to seamlessly manage change across their organization so that initiatives stick without all the overwhelm.

It is the only end-to-end change management tool that gives change managers a platform to manage their own projects more efficiently, while also giving organizational change leaders the insight to reduce change saturation across all of their initiatives, in real-time.

Part HQ, part tipster.

All of your change initiatives.
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Manage comms, training, and readiness
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See change impacts and change saturation across the whole company
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Upload, splice, and name stakeholder lists however you'd like
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Quickly assess the complexity of any project for staffing purposes
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Track change adoption against business goals (the ROI of change management)
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Auto-generate reports, summaries,
and dashboards, filtered how you like

Our platform. Your quirks.


Shape our change framework to fit your processes.

You have your own nomenclature and your own requirements. No problem. Think of ChangeAnalytics as a Swiss army knife that easily integrates into your existing change management process and adapts to your organization's needs, look, and feel.

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Our change management tools play well with others.

Not only do you have your methods, you have your own tools. We get it. ChangeAnalytics change management tools integrate with Workday & Single Sign On. They export to PowerPoint. That way, you stay synced and in your flow as a change manager.

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Project management teamwork.

Change management is a group effort. ChangeAnalytics allows you to collaborate within project management teams so that loads can be shared, but methods remain consistent. This can easily and quickly remedy change management obstacles that may arise during the change process.

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Your data will always be your data.

We have managed successful change for some of the biggest companies in the world. Rest assured, our change management system follows a rigorous data protection protocol so that what's privy to your company won't be to anyone else's.

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"We can finally see what is impacting whom and when, across the whole organization in real time."
Lead Program Manager
Fortune 100 Company
"ChangeAnalytics is a game changer. Leaders trust the data and feel confident in what to proceed or pause."
Change Lead
Fortune 100 Company
"It’s not just a change management tool, it’s our change management headquarters."
Senior Manager
Fortune 1000 Company
"A truly end-to-end change management platform for our whole company."
Senior Manager
Fortune 1000 Company
"ChangeAnalytics presents an unmissable opportunity to stand up a one-stop tool for all things change."
Product Manager
TD Bank

Our Story

Change tested, but wanted the battle improved.

ChangeAnalytics was built by change managers who wanted a better, easier, and more consistent way to drive successful change management on individual projects while providing more visibility to enterprise leaders.

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All of your change.

All of our insights.

All in one place.

All of your change.
All of our insights.
All in one place.

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