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Simply put,

ChangeAnalytics makes managing an effective organizational change process possible. Our platform gives you a way to track change metrics and manage project success throughout the entire change effort, from inception through go-live (and beyond).

This helps impacted employees better prepare for the change effort and makes change management success much more attainable.

No more will you have to ask:

  • Where did I save that?
  • What does my boss want?
  • Why am I wasting my time?

With ChangeAnalytics, our work management module has everything you need to run an effective change initiative from start to finish. We’re talking about some of the hardest project management out there, handling stakeholders, impact assessments, readiness assessments, change champions and influencers, change management activity, adoption metrics, comms plans, training plans, change success metrics, employee engagement, and more.

Adding a cumbersome change management tool on top of all that project management does nobody any good, and it definitely doesn't encourage effective change management. We'd lose you from the start!

Thankfully, the brain trust behind ChangeAnalytics were once change managers themselves, so the tool is created to save you headaches and double work. We understand your challenges managing successful change, and we want you spending more time with your impacted groups, and less time trying to tweak a spreadsheet full of employee feedback.

The ChangeAnalytics platform gives you a bird's-eye view of your entire change management effort. From one spot, you can get a peek at what's happening across the organization. This the project manager to effectively communicate among affected groups (such as stakeholders and employees), properly track useful performance metrics, and develop an overall more effective change management strategy.

Plus, you’ll have access to our recommendation engine which acts like a guide and a wise sage; suggesting a few activities or tactics, specific to your project, that you might not have thought of.

All so you can do better work, faster.

(Oh, and you’ll never have to have another meeting with your boss to answer the question, “So what’s the latest and greatest?”)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both, and...

Since change management takes a village, it's only fitting that our tool has different modules and functionality that cater to different needs. Some for change managers, some for change leaders, and some for executives/decision makers.

Change managers will be interacting with the tool the most; inputting data, creating change activities, assessing stakeholders, and the like.

However, before that happens, change leaders and admins will configure the platform with our help; from methodology to nomenclature, to custom forms, and user permissions.

And of course, decision makers have view-only access so they can see how all the data and insight is aggregated, getting a full lay of the change land.

So, who is it FOR? All of the above. (You can click each of those links in this writeup to see how ChangeAnalytics benefits each user.)

Yes. We can incorporate your methodology into our tool, or you can use ours. We simply ask that you show a valid user license for your methodology if it’s required.

We don’t publish our price online because until we can talk with you about your general pain points, goals, needs, and timing, price is a bit of a distraction. You'll definitely have pricing details after we have a brief chat.

Regardless, let’s just say you can’t quickly pay for ChangeAnalytics with your credit card since due to the enterprise nature of our software, we go through a procurement process. But don't worry, it's streamlined. We're there with you every step of the way.

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