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We feel your pain.

Whether you practice your craft within a center of excellence, a community of excellence, a change management practice, an enterprise change management office, or the PMO, we know the burden that senior change leads are under.

Chances are, you’re running teams with a budget slimmer than a keyhole, and the tools you have at your disposal to tell a comprehensive change story across the organization feels like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube in a straitjacket.  

It’s not the fault of your change managers. They are off driving change the best way they know how. Sometimes that’s scrappy, sometimes that’s offsite, and oftentimes it’s via a presentation deck or spreadsheet that is sitting only on their computer.

It doesn't have to be this way.  

ChangeAnalytics provides you the structure to streamline your methodology, nomenclature, and way of working, directly in the tool, so that you can do more leading and advising, and less birddogging and corralling.

Imagine having one central hub for all things change.  
Imagine being able to create comparable and repeatable processes for your teams.
Imagine your team being prompted with timely and relevant recommendations throughout their projects.
Imagine being able to tell a clear and comprehensive change story to your decision makers.

It's not a dream.

Lead, strategically.
Normalize how your staff works.
Steer them with our proprietary recommendation engine.
Know which activities soar and which one's flop (to save your team time).

Plus, you’ll keep from having that one great spreadsheet stuck in someone’s downloads folder for eternity.

(It’s almost worth it just for that!)

Want to see who else gets value out of ChangeAnalytics?

Change leaders are the fulcrum point. See how decision makers digest insights, and how direct reports work their magic in the tool

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